Taste 4SO


A label of 4 Seasons Outdoor

4 Seasons Outdoor offers an innovative collection. Exclusive garden furniture in which comfort, design and the best materials predominate. As with many top brands, years ago we've chosen to also launch a second label with its own unique properties: Taste 4SO was born.

Naturally, the DNA of 4 Seasons Outdoor can also be found in our Taste 4SO label.

With an eye for detail we are developing a complete and unique collection of garden furniture that you can enjoy for years to come. In addition, there are also differences that we would like to explain below.

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Taste 4SO has its own identity that is based on the core values ​​of 4 Seasons Outdoor, but really differs in appearance.

All our designs are considered and weighed up: do they fit within the style and design that we strive for. It happens more than once that a beautiful design does not fit completely within the complete picture. How nice it is then to have a second label in which we can accommodate this garden furniture.

This allows us to present unique garden furniture in two areas, each with its own collection with its own character.


Where we consciously look for novelties with our 4 Seasons Outdoor collection, with Taste 4SO we can sail an alternative course.

Not everyone is a fan of a distinct design or color. You will therefore see that in our Taste 4SO range we take one from another barrel.

A practical stacking chair, a lightweight mobile lounger or a low-maintenance, compact table. These are just a selection of examples that we can name why our Taste 4SO range has different garden furniture than our 4 Seasons Outdoor range.


Not only design is a criterion, the use of materials and the final price you will pay for your garden furniture is also an important factor that we look at. We don't say anything crazy when we find that one material is more expensive than another. You notice this immediately in the price and we want to be able to offer diversity in this too.

It is important to mention that the materials we choose are always of excellent quality. Both in our 4 Seasons Outdoor range and in our Taste 4SO collection. However, we cán determine how much material we process and which combination of materials we choose. This means we have a direct influence on the final price you will pay for garden furniture, without having to make concessions on quality.


Taste 4SO houses a range of garden tables. What do you choose? A beautiful teak table. Or a garden table with an aluminum frame with tabletops made of HPL, spraystone or ceramic? Extendable dining tables, coffee tables, bar tables or bistro tables can also be found in the Taste 4SO range of garden tables. The choice is endless and we are proud that we can offer such a wide range in our collection. What is your favorite garden table?

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A collection of garden furniture is not complete without a wide selection of dining sets and lounge sets. Beautiful teak, new materials such as rope and twisted wicker and surprising colors mean that there is really something to choose from.

Our lounge sets and dining sets come in different styles. Are you going for a modern and sleek design with a lot of visible aluminum, or do you opt for a natural look with round shapes and, for example, a beige rope color? It's all possible.

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Dining chairs, lounge chairs and even adjustable relax chairs. You name it, Taste 4SO has it. Choose a practical, stackable dining chair or a chair that you can easily take with you on the road or for camping.

And what about a lovely lounger or sunbed for your garden. Not to be missed in the summer and you can choose exactly the sunbed that suits your situation. Mobile, adjustable, with or without cushion... you will never regret buying a sunbed.

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It is good to know that our points of sale decide for themselves which collection they offer. This can be part of the 4 Seasons Outdoor collection, part of the Taste 4SO collection, or even a mix between both ranges.

Browse our collection of garden furniture at your leisure on our website. If you have found something that you have fallen in love with, please contact a garden furniture store of your choice to check whether this furniture is in the range.

You can also choose to search for your favorite garden furniture via a search engine. Curious where you can view and try Taste 4SO in the showroom?

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