Corporate Social Responsibility

4 Seasons Outdoor believes it is important that the 3 pillars of CSR are in balance: people, planet, profit. That is why 4 Seasons Outdoor strives for optimal business operations, in which the various areas of attention (quality, financial, working conditions, sustainability and the environment) are seen as equal.

In order to realize this optimal operational management, 4 Seasons Outdoor has implemented a CSR action plan in 2022. A lot of time and effort has been put into implementing this plan and it will therefore be certified at the end of 2022 against the requirements of level 3 of the CSR Performance Ladder.

Read more about the CSR performance ladder here


4 Seasons Outdoor has determined a number of core values ​​that are leading in the CSR objectives. These are:

• No poverty, no hunger
• Fair work and economic growth
• Responsible production
• Climate action

In addition, clear action plans have been made for the 3 themes of CSR (people, planet, profit) that have been formulated SMART and which 4 Seasons Outdoor is continuously working on to improve these. Naturally, the process is never finished and 4 Seasons Outdoor continues to work on further improving the results in the areas of People, Planet and Profit in a good balance.


Safety & health are one of the most important points of attention within the CSR policy. 4 Seasons Outdoor does everything it can to avoid industrial accidents and to monitor absenteeism through appropriate and solution-oriented actions.

Equal treatment, diversity and the provision of opportunities (eg through training) are also a great asset. 4 Seasons Outdoor believes it is important that staff and customers feel comfortable. How we treat each other is key to that. 4 Seasons Outdoor is originally a family business where these values ​​have been instilled at an early age and this will be continued in the future.

Human rights issues such as child labour, corruption and forced labor are issues that we address and monitor at our suppliers worldwide. Due to our close ties with our suppliers, we can see that they too share the same view and implement this in their policy. Honesty is the best policy, which is why 4SO is not involved in politics and uses its own strength.


Our planet is our home, we only have 1 of which we have to take care of. We have to pass on the earth to next generations.

4 Seasons Outdoor is aware of the fact that it makes products that require natural raw materials and energy to produce them. That is why it is committed to an optimal production process and business operations where the environment is burdened as little as possible. This includes:

• avoiding fleeting use of products by focusing on quality & sustainability
• rational use of raw materials, energy & water
• reducing and separating the waste stream
• saving in transport by, among other things, making fewer travel movements and using cleaner vehicles
• reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption
• research into the use of alternative materials, provided it does not affect the quality of the product
• only use materials produced in accordance with legislation and regulations (such as teak FLEGT action plan)


Corporate social responsibility is all about balance. We have already mentioned people and planet in this, profit in this matter is about healthy business operations, with 4 Seasons Outdoor pursuing an economically balanced strategy.

4 Seasons Outdoor wants to maintain a fair and future-proof policy. This means, among other things, that the profit model can only exist if there is no looting on the other themes: people and planet. It also works the other way around. A healthy financial position also enables 4 Seasons Outdoor to take good care of people and the environment.

In addition, 4 Seasons Outdoor wants to make a positive contribution to the local economy. Not only in the Netherlands, but also at suppliers, 4 Seasons Outdoor contributes to the economic system and employment.