Stainless steel garden furniture



Stainless steel garden furniture gives your garden or terrace a unique look. Many people appreciate the colour and material of this type of garden furniture, which is often associated with a modern design style. We have a very diverse range of exclusive garden furniture, including stainless steel, but also for example aluminium or wicker garden furniture.

Most stainless steel garden furniture looks modern, which creates a unique contrast with the environment and nature. Our stainless steel garden furniture is widely sold, logically, when you realize that:

  • the life span is exceptionally long
  • Stainless steel garden furniture has very low maintenance
  • there is a 5-year warranty on our garden furniture

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Stainless steel, if well maintained, has an exceptionally long life. Although stainless steel garden furniture often requires little maintenance, it is important to keep your garden furniture clean and protect with our stainless steel maintenance products or warm soapy water. The possible wear on stainless steel depends on external factors such as salt, chlorine, acid etc.

Our stainless steel garden furniture collection is beautifully finished and welded, ready to enjoy for years to come! Opt for our stainless steel garden furniture so you can enjoy it for years to come with little maintenance.


While many stainless steel furniture used to be left bare, we now often opt for powder coating stainless steel. This extends the lifespan, but above all, the shiny stainless steel look is less popular than before. However, we would like to continue to use the advantages of stainless steel, so we choose to give the stainless steel a color - just like with aluminum. This means that stainless steel is often indistinguishable from aluminum, but it gives us many more options in the design of garden furniture.


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