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In our image bank you can find all the 4 Seasons Outdoor images to use for your website and social media channels. Would you rather place an order? You can easily order all our garden furniture in our webshop. Did something go wrong? In our service system you can easily submit a service request, damage report or return report.

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we would like to refer private enthusiasts to one of our sales points.

  • This is the team that is ready for you

    Developing garden furniture in a sustainable way is in our DNA. To be able to manage a team of enthusiastic and passionate people who feel infected with the very infectious 4SO DNA feels like a privilege.

    Frits Wolf

    Founder & Director at 4 Seasons Outdoor Netherlands

    Frits Wolf over ons
  • This is the team that is ready for you

    With a huge network of 4SO partners all over the world, it is important that we work together. This is how our garden furniture really comes into its own in every country.

    Jeroen Denecke

    Salesmanager / productmanager at 4 Seasons Outdoor Netherlands

    Jeroen Denecke over ons
  • This is the team that is ready for you

    It doesn't take much to display our garden furniture beautifully, with a professional team we are able to anticipate trends and technology.

    Cees Wevers

    Marketing at 4 Seasons Outdoor Netherlands

  • This is the team that is ready for you

    In a digital world it is important to have a good presence with 4 Seasons Outdoor. On social media, our website and together with our sales points, our garden furniture is always 'top of mind'.

    Richard Bisschops

    Online specialist at 4 Seasons Outdoor Netherlands

    Richard kleur
  • This is the team that is ready for you

    As an international company, we ensure optimal cooperation and communication, in every situation and at any time.

    Beate Klein

    Operational manager at 4 Seasons Outdoor Netherlands

    Beate Klein


We like to show our garden furniture. In a beautiful magazine with 148 pages you can browse through all the collections. Follow us on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We provide the best presentation at our points of sale by setting up a 4SO shop. A Media Center is available at selected points of sale to configure your own lounge set. Throughout the year we can also be seen in housing magazines such as Stijlvol wonen, Villa d'Arte, Wonen landelijke stijl.

- 4 Seasons Outdoor magazine

- Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / LinkedIn

- 4SO shop-in-shops

- Stijlvol Wonen / Villa D'arte / Wonen landelijke stijl

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Our garden furniture is of high quality, but things sometimes go wrong. We provide high-quality service through our sales outlets. With a team of specialists we provide repairs in the department or sometimes on location at our sales point. Small repairs can often be carried out directly at the point of sale, 4 Seasons Outdoor parts can also be reordered here.

In order to provide good service, we always ask for proof of purchase and a good photo (s) of the problem. All current 4SO parts can be found in our webshop, for less recent collections you can consult our parts list. Find a point of sale near you here.

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