Ultimate relaxing in a sunbed

Tired after a hard day's work? Or just want to read a book? The ultimate relaxing moment in your garden or on your patio terrace may well be in a sunbed. Relax on a soft cushion, it’ll be hard to make sure that your eyes don't close immediately.

We have developed a number of sunbeds in different styles in our collection with several unique features. Where one sunbed is suitable for one person and is lightweight, adjustable and mobile, the other sunbed is a double sunbed, intended for a permanent spot in the garden with lots of thick, comfortable cushions.

As you can see, there are many differences between sunbeds. What they have in common is comfort. All our sunbeds have been developed with the aim of giving you a piece of garden furniture that you prefer to stay in for hours. Let the sun and summer arrive!

When making our sunbeds we think of these 4 important aspects:

  1. We prefer to design the most beautiful sunbeds. Striking designs, new materials and timeless colours are seamlessly matched. Did you know that we designed each sunbed ourselves? This way you will always find surprising, innovative models in our range. We make sunbeds from wicker, rope, aluminium, textiline and many more unique materials. Often sunbeds are made using advanced machines but also many materials and techniques are manufactured by hand. For example, our garden furniture collection stands out on all fronts and our garden furniture increasingly resembles the furniture that is in the house.

  2. Our sunbeds are of course not only beautiful to look at. A 4 Seasons Outdoor lounger can be outside all year round so you can also enjoy your garden furniture if you don't use them. Our sunbeds are made from weather resistant materials such as textiline, stainless steel, aluminium, rope and the extremely weatherproof Hularo wicker. These materials are resistant to moisture, temperature differences and UV rays. Most sunbeds with cushion(s) are equipped with an olefin cushion cover. This fabric feels comfortable and yet has all the weather resistant properties.
  3. Many sunbeds are equipped with a textiline seat and a number of models also have a thick cushion for optimal comfort. Each lounger has a different lounge comfort, because the seats differ in size and whether they are adjustable or not. Some sunbeds have armrests and also the length or width is important and feels different for everyone. Many sunbeds are equipped with a back cushion and/or cushion for optimal seating comfort but also the height of the back, rounding in the arm or depth of the seat can make a lot of difference for you. We advise you to test which sunbed is best for you.

  4. We place great value on sustainability in the design of 4 Seasons Outdoor sunbeds. We believe that it is better to enjoy your garden furniture for a long time and to be able to use them for at least 5 years. That's why we use materials that can withstand the weather and make sunbeds that are timeless in terms of colour and model. By ensuring the high quality, we can guarantee 5 years of manufacturing and construction defects on our entire collection with 3 years on the cushions. On all sunbeds with Hularo wicker we give a no less than 10-year warranty. A sunbed from 4 Seasons Outdoor is there to enjoy for a long time.