Where can you buy our garden furniture and where can you find our prices?

Where to buy?

Our garden furniture can only be purchased at our points of sale. On our website we show our wide range and inform you about all the properties and give you an indication of the price by showing our suggested retail price. The current prices, stocks and purchase is done through one of our points of sale. Curious about which point of sale is near you?

view our points of sale here

Where can you find our prices?

The current prices of our garden furniture can be found on the websites of our points of sale, or can be requested in relevant showrooms.

Our recommended prices are listed on this website. You will find this when you click on a product at the bottom left:

Why are there suggested retail prices on our website instead of actual retail prices?

  • Our suggested retail price is a guideline. Depending on the sales conditions per point of sale, the current price may differ. For the actual retail price therefor we recommend you to visit one of our points of sales as it can be lower than our suggested retail price.

  • Prices may differ per country, due to transport or, for example, due to different import tariffs.
    For the UK there are different Fire Retardant standards, which increase the general price.

  • Our point of sale is free to determine its price. During the year, garden furniture can become sold out or be offered in a sale.

For these reasons, it is more effective to find a current price at a point of sale. There you can then purchase our garden furniture.

Which garden furniture is in stock?

Each point of sale puts together its own collection. Due to our wide range, not our entire collection is usually available at 1 point of sale. Because we have no insight into the current stock of our points of sale, we advise you to contact them or visit the relevant website. All points of sale can be found above.