Active around the table

A bar set consists of a high bar table and matching high bar chairs. The height gives the bar set a much more active and dynamic way of sitting around the table. Just like in the bar, getting up or changing positions is automatically faster and easier. The bar set is particularly ideal if you are looking for a place where you stay a little more active than, for example, a dining or lounge set.

We designed our bar chairs and bar tables with the principle of 'quick comfort' in mind. In the tubs of the bar chairs there is a wonderfully comfortable cushion and because no armrests are placed, you can easily sit away.

Personal taste

Hanging at the bar table with your foot on the frame of your bar chair or bar table. Made of sturdy aluminium, the frames of our bar sets are robust and can withstand a bump. Leave them outdoors all year round by using weather resistant materials such as rope, wicker or aluminium.

Our bar tables have a beautiful teak tabletop. The wood doesn't get hot in the sun, which is ideal for a bar table on which you hang out. Of course, our teak tabletops are made of durable and highly weather resisant teak.