Give a personal touch to your garden

Our lounge sets and garden sets are anthracite, grey, white or taupe in colour in the vast majority of cases. We consciously choose this because we believe that these colours fit best in different types of gardens and patios terraces. Sometimes we make a trip to a more pronounced colour, for example in a green or blue shade, but again we will not quickly opt for bright, hard colours.

What we do choose for are accessories that bring colour and a personal touch to our garden furniture. Decorative scatter pillows are a perfect example of this. Opt for a solid colour or a striking pattern and your lounge set or garden set will instantly look different. Do you like subtle colors or more striking tones? With a combination of decorative scatter pillows, you give your own twist to your garden furniture. Your taste determines your choice.

Material and maintenance

Our decorative scatter pillows are made of weather resistant outdoor fabrics. Most of our decorative scatter pillows have an Olefin pillow cover, which is a high-quality fabric with fantastic properties. Because this fabric is especially resistant to weather, we also use Olefin fabric for the seating and back cushions of our garden furniture. In some cases, we have chosen Sunbrella textiles, which is the king among the outdoor fabrics. Colour-resistant, wonderfully soft and water and dirt repellent.

The filling of our decorative scatter pillows is made of Quick Dry Foam. As the name implies, this filling dries very quickly and is treated in such a way that no mould formation is possible. Our decorative scatter pillows, like our seat and back cushions, can be outside for 4 seasons. If you don't use your lounge set or garden set for a longtime, it's a good idea to store the scatter pillows so that dirt and stains don't get a chance to ruin them. This way you can enjoy your garden furniture and your scatter pillows for a long time.