Garden furniture from 4 Seasons Outdoor is made to be outdoors all year round for 4 seasons. By using weather resistant materials in our high-quality garden sets and lounge sets, our garden furniture lasts much longer. One of those materials we have been successful with for many years is Hularo wicker. Because of our experience we have already had many top models in our collection made of Hularo wicker.

The wicker we use is of such a high quality that we offer a stunning 10-year warranty on this material. You are assured that our wicker will not discolour, tear, break or loosen. In addition, our master braiders braid the wicker by hand, which allows us to guarantee the quality. A final quality check ensures that no garden furniture leaves our factories without being 100% in order.


First, it is important to know that every synthetic Hularo thread is made by the most advanced machines. The raw materials of our wicker are of the highest quality and come from Europe. The colours are added at an early stage to the polypropylene raw materials so that they are present in the core of the thread. The raw materials are pressed under high pressure by a mould that gives the wire its appearance. From 2mm thin wire to flat wires with a hollow core, from a smooth shiny wire to matte threads that feel natural.


Maintenance is virtually unnecessary, but we advise you to clean the wicker if necessary, with warm soapy water. Spots from bird droppings, rotting leaves or other damage from external factors are not covered by this warranty. If there is a problem with your wicker garden furniture, we will repair this or arrange replacement of the part. Damage that is not covered by the warranty can also be repaired in many cases.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Wicker garden furniture.

Wicker & textilene cleaner

Wicker & textilene cleaner

Non-foaming cleaner for woven seatings and back covers.

Wicker & textilene protector

Wicker & textilene protector

Helps to prevent stains. The UV-filter maintains the new look for longer and extends the lifetime.