Textilene is made of polyester fibers that are woven and that together form a strong cloth. The composition of textilene makes it a very sturdy material, which is also durable, dimensionally stable and colourfast. Because textilene is a fabric, it is water permeable and dries quickly. This means it has a long lifespan and is therefore perfectly suitable for outdoor use.

Textilene is often stretched over a frame so that you create a seat or backrest. The material is sturdy, strong and dimensionally stable... yet flexible. As a result, the seating comfort is more than excellent. We also use textilene as a supporting layer for a seat cushion, giving you an extra cushioning layer.


Textilene requires little maintenance. Which is very pleasant for outdoor use. It is easy to clean as it is actually a polyester.

With our wicker & textylene cleaner you can wipe textilene and clean your garden furniture in no time. The wicker & textilene protector gives textilene a dirt-repellent coating so that stains do not penetrate the material.

Textilene is also UV-resistant, so the color does not fade. All these properties make textilene a pleasant material for outdoor use.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Textileen garden furniture.

Wicker & textilene cleaner

Wicker & textilene cleaner

Non-foaming cleaner for woven seatings and back covers.

Wicker & textilene protector

Wicker & textilene protector

Helps to prevent stains. The UV-filter maintains the new look for longer and extends the lifetime.