You will come across a great deal of garden furniture made of wood, or with a detail of wood in the 4 Seasons Outdoor collection. We only use teak on all our wooden garden tables, lounge sets and garden chair. This type of wood is a tropical hardwood species with many practical features, making teak a very suitable material to apply to garden furniture.

Untreated teak wood is golden brown in colour. The older the hardwood is, the darker the colour of the wood. When the wood is used outdoors, rain and sun cause the outer layer to turn grey. That is the natural process by which the wood gives itself protection. Due to temperature differences and by alternation of moisture and drought, small hairline cracks can occur. This has completely normal with no effect on the quality, strength and durability.


In recent years there has been controversy around cutting wood and teak and this was done in an irresponsible way for a long time, which caused forests and nature to suffer greatly from logging. Years ago, various certificates and foundations were created that regulate the felling of these types of wood. Well-known organizations include FSC and PEFC that certify when the whole process complies with the directive. All our garden furniture and teak components are equipped with a legal FSC or an SVLK/V-legal certificate that complies with the latest EUTR rules in force since 2013, and we only use teak that originates from legal plantations. Trees are planted here that are suitable for timber extraction after at least 15 years. In this way, young trees convert CO2 into oxygen, and older trees are cut down instead of the illegal logging in the jungle.


Most of our teak garden furniture is treated so it turns into a light grey colour. These wooden garden furniture or parts are treated with a whitewash: 4 Seasons Outdoor – Instant Grey. This is a water-based maintenance tool which ensures the beautiful look of greyed teak. After this treatment the teak is dried and we add a treatment of 4 Seasons Outdoor – Teak Shield. This is a transparent layer that acts as dirt and water repellent. To keep the perfect look of your garden furniture, you can continue to use our 4SO maintenance products. Or let it just age and clean with warm soapy water once in a while.

Would you rather opt for a different look from your teak garden furniture? Then there are plenty of 4SO maintenance products available to maintain the golden brown colour and to clean your garden furniture. Whatever appearance you prefer, we do not recommend using aggressive maintenance products and can only offer our 5-year warranty if you use 4 Seasons Outdoor maintenance products.


4 Seasons Outdoor - Teak Cleaner
When teak garden furniture is standing outside, stains will always occur due to bird droppings, splashing sand or simply by using your table. Teak Cleaner has been invented for this, a product that makes it easy to clean stains. Every treatment of your teak furniture starts with cleaning the wood by using Teak Cleaner.

4 Seasons Outdoor – Instant Grey

Part of our teak garden furniture range has a light gray color, because it has been treated with a white/grey wash. We call this Instant Grey. This is a water-based product that gives the beautiful appearance of grayed teak. If the gray color of your table top has faded due to cleaning, you can use this product to restore the color.

4 Seasons Outdoor – Teak Protector

The garden furniture that has not been treated with Instant Gray retains the natural color of teak. However, all types of wood gray over time. This process starts immediately as soon as your teak furniture is standing outside. Aging and discoloration is natural and you should take this into account when purchasing teak garden furniture. You can maintain / restore this natural color for a longer period with Teak Protector. If you apply this product, you will color the teak in the color that best mimics the original color.

4 Seasons Outdoor – Vintage Teak Protector

Old teak itself is a lot darker in color. To restore this color, Vintage Teak Protector is a better choice than the regular Teak Protector. A treatment with Vintage Teak Protector gives your teak that dark brown color back.

4 Seasons Outdoor – Teak Shield

After the treatment(s) with Teak Cleaner (and possibly a color-influencing product), let the teak dry and add a treatment of 4 Seasons Outdoor – Teak Shield. This adds a transparent layer that is dirt and water repellent. Teak Shield prevents the most common stains, but we do recommend immediate cleaning when your teak has become dirty. Despite the use of Teak Shield, some stains can still cause permanent discoloration (such as tomato sauce) if you leave them on for a long time.

Whatever look you prefer, we do not recommend using aggressive maintenance products and can only give our guarantee if you use the 4 Seasons Outdoor maintenance products.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Teak garden furniture.

Teak cleaner

Teak cleaner

Restores and brightens weathered teak.

Teak protector

Teak protector

Maintains the light-brown colour of teak for a longer time.

Teak shield

Teak shield

Makes teak repellent to water and moisture. Helps to prevent stains caused by food and drinks.

Brushed teak protector

Brushed teak protector

Maintains the beige colour of teak for a longer time.

Vintage teak protector

Vintage teak protector

Maintains the warm-brown colour of old teak for a longer time.

Instant grey

Instant grey

Turns brown teak within an hour into a driftwood-grey colour.