You will see many rope materials in our extensive collection of garden furniture. This weather resistant material has only been present in the collection of 4 Seasons Outdoor for a number of years. It has a minimalist look and feels soft, yet it is by no means an ordinary rope. Our experienced wicker specialists have traditionally been working to process hard wicker threads into beautiful patterns. They now use this skill with our rope, to create intricate knots and patterns. 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture with rope are actually small works of art that are made entirely by hand.

What makes our rope so special? As in all 4SO garden furniture, we make garden chairs, lounge sets and garden sets that can be used outside all year round. In order to continue to meet this condition, we use special rope materials. There are several variations available where the mutual differences are a consequence of the techniques used to create the rope.


Our round wires are equipped with a synthetic core. This polypropylene base ensures that the rope stretches minimally and does not absorb any moisture. The shell feels soft but is very water-repellent, UV-resistant and colourfast.

The flat rope variants have the same mix of weather resistant materials, but the polypropylene material here is interwoven with the acrylic fabric. Thanks to this technique, the flat rope has the same properties but gets a completely different look. The experienced 4SO wicker specialists are able to braid exceptional knots and patterns with these materials. This way we make garden furniture from 4 Seasons Outdoor extra special, and also of very high quality!


A rope thread seems a little less strong than, for example, a wicker thread. Yet the raw materials for these materials are almost identical. The stretchability is minimal, 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture with rope are suitable for people with a body weight up to 110 KG. So it is an exceptionally strong material, but it is important to be careful with sharp objects. Our 4SO rope is resistant to the weather, but a sharp object can seriously damage your garden furniture. We give no less than a 10-year warranty for manufacturing and construction defects. In most cases, if there is unexpected damage, it can be repaired. In that case, always contact your point of sale.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Rope garden furniture.

Multi surface cleaner

Multi surface cleaner

Cleans several types of surfaces, such as rope, cushion fabric and parasol cloth

Fabric stain remover

Fabric stain remover

Removes teak oil bleeding stains from fabrics.