Outdoor textiles


4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture is made to be enjoyed all year round. You can experience this by the great comfort of our garden sets and lounge sets. The cushions in all 4SO garden furniture are weather resistant so you can just leave them in your garden set. Our garden cushions are always included in our garden furniture.

4 Seasons Outdoor cushions feel comfortable, almost like the sofa or the chairs that are indoors. That's because almost all of our cushions have a cushion cover of 'Olefin' fabric. This fabric has all kinds of unique properties. The raw material for making olefin is oil. The dye is added at an early stage so that it is present in the core. This makes the fabric colour-resistant, UV-resistant and water repellent. Olefin, for example, is also used for technical sportswear and in the automotive industry.


You don't have to chemically treat or maintain our weatherproof cushions. However, it is important to keep your garden cushions clean. Prevent rotting leaves from affecting the fabric, or prevent nasty spots caused by bird droppings. 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture is meant to be enjoyed all 4 seasons, but not without having to look after your furniture. We offer a 3-year warranty on our cushions, which does not include stains or user damage. Use your garden furniture and cushions responsibly by storing your cushions when you are not using them for a long time or keep the seat cushions in an upright position when not in use.


Almost all cushion covers are removeable and can be washed at 40 degrees with normal detergent. Dry naturally and Ironing can be done at a very low temperature. Over time, the garden cushions of your 4SO lounge set or garden chairs may wear out. The fillings can become a bit thinner and the fabric may feel a little different after a longer period of time. By making a lot of use of your garden set these are logical consequences, as after frequent use, all furniture is subject to wear and tear. Usually 4 Seasons Outdoor cushion covers and cushion pads can be re-ordered. Contact your point of sale, they will inform you what the possibilities are.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Outdoor textiles garden furniture.

Cushions & parasol protector

Cushions & parasol protector

Maintains the new look for a long time. Makes the fabric repellent to dirt, water and moisture

Multi surface cleaner

Multi surface cleaner

Cleans several types of surfaces, such as rope, cushion fabric and parasol cloth