First of all, let's clarify what we use leather for. After all, it is not that we use leather as a upholstery material for our garden furniture. So what do we use it for? Well, of course our garden furniture is provided with our logo. We are proud of each of our developed furniture and we are happy to show it.

In addition to being innovative in our materials, we are also innovative in applying our logo. A label made of leather is a very nice material for this. It has a luxurious and graceful appearance. The brown color of the leather is a beautiful detail and a nice addition to, for example, outdoor textiles and anthracite stainless steel or aluminum.


Leather is naturally resistant to water. It is not without reason that shoes and jackets are made of leather. It is therefore perfectly suitable as a label for our garden furniture. Leather is quite dimensionally stable, which means that our labels are always clearly visible. It is nice to know that when using our garden furniture with a leather label outdoors, you do not have to take the leather into account regarding the weather.


An additional advantage of using leather is that it is a strong and therefore safe material, but at the same time feels pleasant. That is why we also look at the functionality when using leather. Our puffs are a good example. The label made of label also has a carrying function. Grab the puff by the leather strap and move it easily through your garden. This way the use of leather is not only aesthetic, but also functional.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Leather garden furniture.

Fabric stain remover

Fabric stain remover

Removes teak oil bleeding stains from fabrics.