glass & spraystone


4 Seasons Outdoor garden tables are available with different table tops. Usually we opt for the rich teak for a natural look or HPL if we opt for a more modern look. In some cases, glass and spraystone are an alternative. Table tops made from these materials are often found in our Taste 4SO range.


Ceramic table tops can be made solid. However, it is also possible to apply a thinner layer on a supporting glass substrate. The same can be seen with table tops with the material spraystone. The supporting layer of, for example, black glass is durable, strong and resistant to weather influences. The top layer can also be easily applied to glass, making it an ideal load-bearing layer for other materials.


Spraystone is sprayed on a glass underlayer and is a synthetic composition that imitates the look of granite. It is available in different colors and compositions and has a number of advantages in terms of weight, maintenance and price. The wear-resistant properties ensure that the material can be used well for outdoor use.


You can quickly clean the table top made of glass and spraystone with a cloth and lukewarm water. Our stone & polywood cleaner can be used for more stubborn stains and the stone & polywood protector applies a protective layer that protects the material against stains.

We give a 5-year warranty on construction & manufacturing defects on our garden furniture, this also applies to our glass and spraystone table tops. Despite the fact that spraystone is wear-resistant, scratches due to use can occur. Signs of use are not covered by the warranty.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining glass & spraystone garden furniture.

Stone & polywood protector

Stone & polywood protector

Makes granite, marble, bluestone and polywood repellent to dirt, water and moisture.

Stone & polywood cleaner

Stone & polywood cleaner

Entfernt Schmutz und Feuchtigkeit und stellt den neuen Look wieder her.